Heritage Workshops and Lectures 2014

The Reconstruction of the Dover Bronze Age Boat

At Flag Fen

26 February, 7.30pm

Archived Event

£5, £3 concessions and Heritage Pass holders

In the 1990s, fragments of a Bronze Age boat were discovered in Dover – one of the oldest sea-going vessels ever recovered.

The boat now resides in Dover Museum. Ancient timber specialist Richard Darrah will explain the science behind the reconstruction of the boat’s original shape. Plus, learn what the building of a half-scale replica tells us about Bronze Age boat-building.

Richard Darrah is an archaeologist who specialises in ancient timber. His main interests lie in studying excavated timber, undertaking reconstructions using ancient techniques and working with cleft oak. He has worked on excavations from the Neolithic to the Medieval period and contributed to reconstructions of objects from Anglo-Saxon beds, looms and shields, to Bronze Age boats and Viking Buildings.

Tickets cost £5, £3 concs & Heritage Pass holders.

To book, call Peterborough Museum on 01733 864 663 or email flag.fen@vivacity-peterborough.com

The Reconstruction of the Dover Bronze Age Boat Performances

Wed 26 Feb 7:30pm £5, £3 concessions & Heritage Pass holders For Sale

Flag Fen

  • The Droveway, Northey Road, Peterborough , PE6 7QJ
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