Recreated Bronze Age roundhouse at Flag Fen

Flag Fen

Travel back 3,500 years to discover what life was like for our prehistoric ancestors at the finest Bronze Age archaeological site in Northern Europe. Discovered by Francis Pryor in 1982, the remains of a prehistoric causeway can be seen by visitors.

We are raising £25,000 to re-roof and re-open Flag Fen’s roundhouse by Summer 2016!

Once upon a roundhouse Flag Fen from Vivacity Culture on Vimeo.

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Please note that due to the temporary closure of Northey Road on Thursday 3 September, access to Flag Fen Archaeology Park will be restricted if coming from Peterborough for the whole day.

Fret not, however, as a five minute detour will still allow anyone who wishes to visit the attraction to enter from the Whittlesey side (North Bank)

For further details, please call 01733 864 468, e-mail” or click here for Google Maps directions to avoid the road closure.