Artist's impression of Peterborough, c. 1300

Medieval Peterborough

The Abbots of Peterborough Abbey created a ‘new town’ in Medieval times. Take a tour of the town they created with our costumed guide and discover what Peterborough was like in the Middle Ages.

Discover more about life in the Abbey and find out how hard it would have been to have lived as a monk. Find out why our parish church was built in a hole, whose blood and whose arm was kept at the Abbey, what people did before there was a bridge in the city and where medieval royalty stayed when they visited Peterborough. You might even see what’s left of Peterborough’s castle!

Tickets £5 adults, £3 children. Tickets can be bought from the guide or the Peterborough Destination Centre. You can call the Destination Centre on (01733) 452336. View dates and times of future tours.