Bugs and Butterflies - CANCELLED

Posted on 9 July 2012

Regrettably, Flag Fen has had to cancel its Bugs and Butterflies event which was planned to go ahead this Saturday (14 July, 11am-1pm) as the event organisers, Buglife, have unfortunately had to pull out due to staffing issues.

However, you can still join in the national Big Butterfly Count yourself, which is being held this year from 14 July until 5 August. You only need 15 minutes (preferably in sunshine) and you can take part anywhere: from parks, school grounds and gardens, to fields and forests! www.bigbutterflycount.org has all the information you need (including ID sheets), so why not get involved and help scientists understand our native butterflies better!

If you have already booked on to this event, please accept our apologies. Flag Fen should be contacting you directly with regard to this. For any enquires, please call Flag Fen on 01733 313414.

Bugs and Butterflies - CANCELLED

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