Poetry Takeaway serves up a Festival taster

Posted on 20 June 2012

“Open or rapped?” That was the question in Perkins canteen on 19 June, when poets Mark Grist and Mixy delivered a takeaway with a difference: poems written in the time it takes to eat a kebab.

The pair, known colelctively as Dead Poets, visited Perkins Engines to offer staff the chance to order some rhymes at lunchtime. Staff could choose any topic they liked, from the strange and startling or weird and wonderful to the deeply personal. It was a massive success, meaning the poetry short-order cooks had to go into overdrive to meet the demand for their clever couplets. Many workers then had the added treat of having Mark and Mixy deliver their bespoke poems in a one-to one performance.

The event was laid on as part of a warm-up to the Peterborough Arts Festival, which starts on 30 June and is sponsored by Perkins Engines.

Mark said: “It was really good fun. We could hardly believe how much nonsense we came up with.

“There was a real variety of topics. One man wanted a poem as a present for his wife for their second anniversary. Another wanted one as gift to his three-year-old son, while a group of mates wanted one taking the micky out of a friend. People were really up for it and we were swamped. We ended up staying late to try and get through them all.”

The takeaway proved so popular the pair will reprise the event at Peterborough Arts Festival on 8 July in Central Park from 1 – 3 pm.

Mark Grist, whose rap battle with young Manchester MC Blizzard has become an international viral internet sensation, is performing a solo show, Rogue Teacher, at the Key Theatre during the festival. Mark and Mixy can also be seen performing at the Live Literature marquee at Peterborough Festival at Central Park 7 – 8 July.

Poetry Takeaway serves up a Festival taster

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