Booking Information and Charges

Booking Information and Charges

All schools and education organisations must book in advance, even for self-led visits.

Self-led visits to Peterborough Museum are free, but restricted to 30 children.

Call 01733 864 663 / 700

Contact us to book a school visit to Peterborough Museum, Flag Fen or Longthorpe Tower

How to Book

Please email or call the Learning Team on 01733 864 663 / 700.

For museum-led activities, please have a few suitable dates at the ready as we can not always accommodate your first choice.

When the date and the type of activity has been agreed, a booking form and risk assessment is emailed to you. The booking form will contain the timetable for your day. You will be asked to complete the form and then to email it back to us – this acts as a confirmation.

All throughout the process, you are are encouraged to contact us with queries. We also welcome free pre-visits.

Other useful information:

Please bear in mind our maximum numbers:
Peterborough Museum: 90 pupils (KS1) and 60 pupils (KS2+)
Flag Fen: 90 pupils
Longthorpe Tower: 35 pupils

For full day visits, museum-led activites start from 10 am unless otherwise agreed.

Activities usually finish at 2:15 pm.

We are very flexible though, so please discuss with us about times that will suit you – if it is logistically possible, then we can adjust timings to suit.

Charges (per class or group of up to 30)

Peterborough Museum

Session Cost
Introductory Handling Sessions (approx. 20 mins) £60 / £75 (Peterborough City Council schools / others)
1 hour museum-led activities (handling, gallery, craft, city tours, Living History Sessions) £90 / £105
Half day visit (2 museum-led activities) £150 / £165
Full day visit (3 activities including lunch room) £180 / £200
Full day visit (Really Roman Day / Edith Cavell & other Past Lives / Victorians: Medicine & Marvel / Living History days, including lunch room) £200 / £220
Lunch room £15
Museum outreach – half day (from 9:30 am – 12 noon) £240 / £260 plus petrol
Museum outreach – full day (from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm) £320 / £340 plus petrol
Loan boxes £40 per week – pick up and drop back at the museum. (penalty for late return: additional £40)

Flag Fen Archaeological Park

Session Cost
Educational guided tour of the site
(1 – 2 hours)
£135 / £155 (Peterborough City Council schools / others).
Minimum charge (less than 20 pupils: £120 / £140)
Full day visit
(4 museum-led activities)
£200 / £220
Includes pre-visit, admission charge and Must Farm boats.   1:6 adults free

Longthorpe Tower

Session Cost
Educational guided tour of the tower
(1 – 2 hours)
£120 / £135 (Peterborough City Council schools / others).
Minimum charge (less than 20 pupils: £75 / £105)
Half day visit
(2 museum-led activities)
£150 / £165
Includes admission charge.   1:6 adults free