Flag Fen

Flag Fen

A 10 acre open parkland teeming with wildlife, dedicated activity areas for kids and some of the most significant Bronze Age archaeology in Europe.

213 species of plants, animals and insects have been found at Flag Fen.

History of Flag Fen

Flag Fen Archaeology Park sits in the midst of a unique ancient landscape that has revealed a mysterious timber causeway and platform made by people 3,500 years ago. Nearly 35 years after the first archaeological excavations you can still see today part of the causeway and some of the speculator objects found alongside it.

Thousands of school children visit every year to learn about flag fen ancient’s landscape and the people who lived in it. It’s therefore not a surprise that in 2011 Historic England designated Flag Fen a scheduled Ancient Monument thus helping to ensure its preservation for future generations.

Flag Fen Roundhouse
Must Farm Boats

Must Farm Boats

Flag Fen is proud to be home to the eight prehistoric log boats known as the Must Farm log boats. These internationally important archaeological discoveries arrived at Flag Fen in 2013 to undergo conservation in public view in a purpose built chiller unit funded by Historic England.     

It is fitting that the boats have come to Flag Fen as Must Farm situated just 2 miles away was once part of the same prehistoric landscape. The boats and all the other remarkably preserved weapons, tools and pottery found at Flag Fen and Must Farm give an incredible window into what life was like during the Bronze Age some 3,500 years ago.

Family Day Out

Whether you’re little one wants to be an archaeologist, a time traveller or a nature detective our special events days and holiday events will guarantee top offer something of interest. Throughout our open season we have clothes to try on in the museum exhibition, trails around the site for different ages and for younger children a small enclosed play area.

Our Big Dig Tent is perfect for under 12s. A mock archaeology dig that enables children to discover how what’s in the ground can tell us more about how people lived in the past.

Family Day Out

Don't just take our word for it, here is what some people have said on TripAdvisor 

"If you are into history this is a great place to visit gives you a real fee of what life was like in the past, worth travelling to!"

"Visited today as a pre visit for a school trip. A very interesting place that brings the Bronze Age to life."

"Took three grandchildren aged 13,3 and 6, perfect thing was it kept all the ages amused."