Could you escape the Priestgate Vaults?

Could you escape the Priestgate Vaults?

A new challenge awaits beneath Peterborough Museum.

A wrought iron gate whines as it swings open.

Footsteps clip clop down the stone steps, droplets spraying on your ankles from the previous evening’s downpour. Keys jangle as they grate against an aging Victorian lock. A door swings open and reveals nothing but black. A chill comes over you. You check to see there is no one standing behind you. There isn’t. You enter. With no warning, the door slams shut. As you think you hear the hint of a disembodied voice in your ear, you remember why you thought twice about coming…

The Priestgate Vaults are the old cellars beneath the foundations of Peterborough Museum. They have served many purposes – a Museum store room, a Georgian wine cellar, and even cold storage for Peterborough Infirmary’s less fortunate surgical patients.

Over Halloween however, when the veil between this world and the next is said to be at its thinnest, the ghosts in the Vaults have been known to become restless and decide to have their fun with people who disturb them.

Could you hold your nerve and use your wits to escape the Priestgate Vaults?

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