Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

The City Gallery hosts an exciting programme of changing temporary exhibitions from local to internationally renowned artists.  

James Johnson Perkins, The Great Battle (Detail)

The Resurrection of Cosmicman by James and Dina Johnson Perkins

1st July – 3rd September 2017

Playful and quirky, James Johnson Perkins’ interactive work captures the excitement of childhood. With retro games such as Etch-a-sketch and Twister, the exhibition invites the audience to play, breaking down the usual conforms of the gallery space. The exhibition also features James’ highly detailed gigapans; colossal in size these works adopt familiar images of characters taken from film and media, placed frantically on backgrounds of grand cityscapes.

Russian artist Dina Johnson-Perkins' Cosmicman photographs show a classic 80's Soviet spaceman toy shown in different places around the world, also exploring similar themes surrounding nostalgia and fun. In this exhibition a little cosmonauts friend is resurrected in various poignant locations in: Nepal, Cambodia, China, UK and Russia.


Solidarity by Emily Bowers

1st July – 3rd September 2017

Did you know that trees communicate with one another underground? Solidarity draws inspiration from this fascinating unseen network that is happening right now, underneath our feet. It also begins to question the current state of human connections, which feel far more solitary to that of a tree. In light of recent events, it becomes even clearer that we need to break away from isolation and individualism and come together as one. This message is echoed in the installation, as it needs you to make the connection.